Music Worship

Music is well supported at St Margaret’s. The congregation at both 11am and 6.30pm services enjoy singing. The robed choir is undergoing changes currently breaking with the old tradition of growing members from within he church congregation.

We are working to improve this benefit.

Changes in working patterns and difficulties committing to rehearsal time have resulted in a reduced number of choir members, who attend as and when they are able. This is an area that needs to be given some thought in the future.

A small visiting choir of former members sings for the Good Friday service, and the combined forces of current and former members mean we are able to present a standard Nine Lessons and Carols with choral input. The organ is the work-horse of the church’s musical requirements. Most recently the action was electrified in 1990.


It is now in need of some restoration and repair, and it could be that now is a good opportunity to think of a digital replacement. Overall, the standard of music is what one would expect of a parish church.