Our Congregation & Fellowship

Our Church Family

St. Margaret’s is an urban church with history and vision. Its congregation is multi-racial with over 20 nationalities and 30 different languages/dialects spoken by its many members. Our cultural mix is a beauty offering the many different voices of Gods people.  

There is a broad spread of ages within the church, with significant numbers of families with children/ young people at the 11.00a.m. service which is usually a vibrant experience.

A church creche and children's church offers a much needed assistance to parents and gives the children an opportunity to engage with Christ in a less formal setting.

There are 180 people on the Electoral Roll at St. Margaret’s of which 101 are non-residents.

Fellowship, organisations and events

Member's of the men's fellowship

Fellowship is a central mark of our congregation and this comes alive through the various organizations and groups in the church.

The following groups offer opportunities to meet, share and grow in our christian walk

Baptism Preparation, Bell Ringers, Choir, Dove club (Sunday morning children’s groups), Youth group, Junior Confirmation, Ladies Breakfast Bar (open to and attended by a range of local churches), & Fellows of Antioch (Men’s Fellowship)

Valentines Ball organized by the Men's fellowship







Our many “bring and share” gatherings hosted by various groups in the church bring food, fun & smiles and sharing this is a powerful opportunity for Christian evangelism .

The grounds around our church encourage a garden atmosphere which we all look forward to especially in the summer time.



A growing youth group is becoming more active in the church. The young teens have a very vibrant perspective to sharing their Christian faith in a world more hostile to their beliefs.

More focus needs to be placed on the younger members of the congregation to ensure their solid Christ centered footing and ensure continuity in the church

Youth group filming a Christmas story in 2019



The Halls in the church Community Centre are more than adequate in cooler season as we share tea, biscuits and a rich variety of international dishes.





Please refer to the Parish Annual Report 2018 for more details of church organisations and groups